How to reach more clients

by Yvonne Bynoe on November 14, 2014

I’m featured in the November/December issue of Upscale magazine, a national print publication in the United States.  I didn’t pitch myself to the magazine–they found me through my blog.  My interview discusses my early mistakes as a business owner and gives some strategies to overcome under-earning.
I’m sure that the writer found by blog through a Google search but once he got there he then had to decide whether or not my message would resonate with the magazine’s audience.  It did, so he interviewed me. It should be no surprise that the same day that I posted information about the interview online people began contacting me, including women who want to hire me
as their business coach.  All of this is to say…
You have to be visible to reach more clients AND once they connect with you, you have to have a clear message that speaks to what they care about.

Here are 3 MAJOR REASONS why some coaches don’t have the number of clients or the income that they desire:

1.  You’re invisible to potential clients

These are the women coaches and business owners who are afraid to promote themselves.  Most women fear that if they
become more visible they will be rejected and/or criticized.  In truth, everyone isn’t going to like you, however if you want to earn a living by transforming lives you have to be more concerned with reaching the people who need what you’re offering than with the naysayers and trolls.  (BTW, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Iyanyla Vanzant and Marianne Williamson all
have haters but they keep moving forward)

2. You’re visible but to the wrong people

There are a lot of women are great at networking and being seen online and off.  However these same women are often not where
they’d like to be in their businesses because they haven’t gotten crystal clear on who their ideal client is. Consequently they don’t know where to go to find them. Your ideal clients are the people ready, willing and able to hire you to solve their major problem. When you know your ideal client VERY well, you know which venues, publications, websites, events and conferences they are likely to read and frequent. 

3.  You’re visible to the right people but your message is repelling them

It’s not uncommon for coaches and business owners to be able to connect to fantastic clients only to lose them because their marketing message is irrelevant or unclear.  This is a symptom
of not knowing what your ideal client REALLY values.  For instance if you’re a wellness coach for new moms and your message focuses on the health benefits of losing weight while your ideal clients wants to lose weight to fit back into their bikinis,
you’re not addressing their key desire or value. Consequently you won’t enroll many of them into your program.

Once a woman realizes that raising her visibility isn’t about stoking her ego but is done in service to your clients, the easier it is for her to receive help. 
I don’t need to remind you that if you want a business that’s more abundant in 2015 now is the time to make a change. If you need help to overcome your fears about visibility and to create a step-by-step marketing strategy that attracts your ideal clients, it’s time to receive 1 on 1 support.  If you’re truly ready, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 30
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How to Create the Rules of Your Thriving Business

by Yvonne Bynoe on November 6, 2014




If you spend any time online it seems like everyone is jet setting to St. Moritz or eating at the French Laundry. The reality is that it’s never what it appears. Even for the people who are actually living this life, you don’t know what they’ve gone through to have this lifestyle; what they’ve sacrificed…and what they’re sacrificing or even settling for to maintain it.

Despite my love of 5 star hotels and travel I’m not jet setting. During the school year I’m in the car line every either dropping off or picking up my 10 year old son. I discuss Harry Potter books with him and each day I make sure that he does his homework. It doesn’t sound glamorous but I wouldn’t do it any other way.

I made a decision about what I valued in my life and then I created an international coaching business that supports my decision. This means that my jet setting is scheduled around long weekends and school holidays. It also means that I decide carefully whether a conference or event is worth the effort to participate—-only a few things make the cut.

Life is rarely Either/Or…you can usually do BOTH…but you can’t do everything.

Too many people lust after other people’s lives without taking inventory of their own. What do they desire for themselves? What matters to them? What are they willing to give up? What is a non-negotiable? Last month I was in a luxury hotel in Manhattan being waited on…in an hour I’ll be leaving my home office to pick up my son from school—he’s got a 1/2 day. My life is VERY good and I’m happy…but it’s because I’ve been willing to make hard choices.

What about you?

Are you comparing your business and programs to other people in your industry?

Do you lack confidence in your program—not sure if they’re valuable enough?

Do you want to create a thriving coaching business but don’t want to sacrifice your children or lifestyle to do it?

Maybe you’re frustrated because all of your hard work isn’t resulting in the clients or income that you desire

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