Why Manifesting Isn’t Working for You

by Yvonne Bynoe on August 1, 2015

I’m a left-brain, analytical business coach for woman entrepreneurs and I believe in manifesting. This wasn’t always the case.  A few years ago I thought manifesting was some woo-woo, new age, mumbo jumbo.  What changed my mind was when I realized that there was a “process” to ability to achieve success.  I had unconsciously used it to “manifest” book deals, media opportunities, luxury vacations, a house and my son. When I didn’t use the steps I’m going to share I failed, regardless of how badly I wanted the goal.

For instance I manifested being a presenter for 1/2 workshop for the Maryland Women’s Business Center.  I wanted to do more live public speaking events, so that I can share my work with more women coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here’s are the nuts and bolt of what I did to manifest the opportunity: 

I had a vision about what I wanted to achieve
I believed in my ability to achieve my vision
I then I took action to make my vision a reality

My presentation went so well that now I’m now scheduled to give the same 3 hour presentation at a sister center in another county this winter!

Although there are a LOT of people talking about how to manifest clients, money and opportunities, manifesting isn’t working for many women coaches and business owners.  It’s not their fault because some critical information is often left out of the “how to manifest” advice.  Manifesting always starts with an idea—what you want to bring into reality. However you have to do more than “think” about what you want.  In a way manifesting is soul-powered goal setting. So I want to share the missing pieces of manifesting with you so that you can experience more of the success that you desire.

The first part of manifestation is mental and it’s HUGE.

I’ve thought many times of achieving some goal, but it didn’t happen.  The reason is that merely using your intellect isn’t enough to get your motivational juices flowing.  To put manifesting in motion you have to be able to “see” your dream as something real in your life today—not 5 years from now. You can do this through visualization, journaling, meditating or a walk in nature.

You’ve also got to believe that you are the woman to achieve the goal. Sometime the disconnect occurs because the dream isn’t really for you—it’s someone else dream or expectation that you’ve adopted.  Whatever the cause, disbelief is where a lot of women unknowingly fall-off the manifesting train. They don’t really believe in their soul that the dream is theirs to have.

Very often we say that we want to accomplish something but secretly, deep down we don’t really believe that we can do it.  You get scared thinking about  all of the steps that go into making your dream happen. There’s things that you don’t know. There’s the money that you don’t have or the people and resources that aren’t readily available to you.  Your then start worrying about everything that could go wrong—-and inevitably things start going wrong. The problems that you encounter then confirms to you that you’re not “enough” and you stop pursuing your dream (either immediately or by procrastinating).


“Spiritual” or “conscious women” often will try and write off their fear as a divine revelation. That’s pure nonsense. Charles Fillmore states in his book Prosperity, “[d]esire is the onward impulse of the ever evolving soul.”  Our soul is always seeking growth and expansion. So, it’s one thing to say that a particular path is wrong for you, but it’s against spiritual principles to stand still. If your business is virtually in the same exact place that was last year, including your fees, income and number of clients, you’re stagnating and letting fear sabotage your dreams.

If you don’t believe in your ability to make your dream come true, saying affirmations won’t help. That’s why saying “I’m a money magnet” a 100 times a day doesn’t work. Belief in your goal has to transcend your current circumstances. You have to be able to embrace a new vision of your business, clients and bank account, regardless of the what the “facts” are telling you. Once you’ve done this then affirmations can reinforce your new thinking.

This leads to the practical element of manifesting that’s often left out—taking inspired action. 

When I wanted to manifest more live speaking engagements, I created my vision and saw myself speaking before women business owners, but I didn’t stop there.  I researched organizations in my local area. I then emailed the program director of the business center with my idea for a workshop. She quickly said YES and phase 1 of my manifestation was complete.  Clients, money or opportunities don’t just drop from the sky—they come from your relationships and engagement with other people. 

When you don’t wholeheartedly believe in your ability to manifest your goal,  you’re unlikely to really pursue it. It’s safer and easier to meditate or visualize, and hope for a client than it is to send an email to your list or call a potential client on the telephone.  Inspired action isn’t busy-work. It’s about getting clear on what you need to do “next” to get closer to your goal and then doing it.  That action may be going to a conference, hiring a coach, asking for a referral, or pitching yourself to an organization.  By taking that step you’ll then be connected with the people and resources that you need to get on your path.

If you know that you desire to have more clients or generate more income, or be more visible in your industry. I want you to ask yourself, “What part of my manifesting for your business is off-track

Do you lack a clear vision about your business, service or clients?

Do have doubts and lack confidence about reaching potential clients

Do you know EXACTLY what you should be doing in your business to attract more clients and income?

Is your follow-through poor? (You get excited but then lose focus or slack off )

If you’re committed to have a thriving business that serves other women, it’s time that you find out.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery session to learn what’s possible and how I can support you through my Soul-Powered Life & Business Design™ 90 day and 6 month programs.

I work with women who are ready to not only earn more money from their expertise, they’re also ready to play on a bigger stage in their lives. 



Most women entrepreneurs fail because their goals are too small.

It sounds crazy but it’s true.

One of the reasons that we have dreams is because they point us toward our destiny.  However in order to reach it, you have to grow into it. You have to be willing to step into unknown territories— see yourself differently and then do things differently.

What most women do however is to dream small.

They focus on what they already know how to do.  Since they aren’t required to “stretch” themselves, they’re not really moving toward their purpose.  Consequently they put in a lot of work for only a little result.  So despite saying that you want to earn more money, you stay in your comfort zone. You want different results from doing the same exact thing.

This is why many women don’t see much progress after enrolling in group coaching programs.  When it comes time to for them to implement what they’ve learned they freeze. Since there’s no one to help them to navigate their fear and self-doubt, they backslide into their old habits.

To dream big means that you’re pursuing a new goal, something that you’ve NEVER done before.  In seeking that goal you have to step out on faith and do the scary things.   The pay off is not just the goal itself (more money, more clients, more influence) but also the woman who you become on the journey.

We’ve been taught to settle for less.  To dream–but don’t dream TOO big.  If our quest to be “realistic” or “practicable” we’ve made our desires wrong.  It’s the reason why we don’t truly believe that we can have more, even when presented with opportunities or evidence that it’s possible. It seems to far-fetched; earning great money AND doing what you love to do.

There are women who step out in faith and who change their circumstances. These are the ones who earn a LOT more money, and who live their desires, however we explain it by saying that they’re lucky or even selfish.  In truth they are doing what they’re meant to do. They are growing their lives and living their purpose.|

How would you life look if you gave yourself permission to dream BIG?

Would you finally find the time and the money to do the things that you truly desired if you BELIEVED that you could actually have what you really wanted.  No desire is bad….so whether its being able to wear Louboutins or having the money to fund a school in a disadvantaged community, your desire is part of your journey.

Small, reasonable, practical discussion typically keep us where you’re at.  They’re fear-based choices. Choices based on lack and scarcity. Choices based on your disbelief in your own greatness. It’s also undergirded that the Universe is limited and only a few people get the bounty. (Not a very spiritual interpretation of the world).

What would happen if you could earn what you made last month in one day?  How would you life change?  It’s possible, if you believe it’s possible for YOU.

Whether your desire is to…..
have  more time,
earn more money,
gain more knowledge on how to monetize your expertise
feel more confidence to go out into the world and reach more people

I encourage you to give yourself permission to dream bigger, and I’d like to help you.  I have a few spots open for my 1 Day Client & Clients Intensive. I invite you to book your Complimentary Discovery Session  to learn how I can support you in dreaming bigger and creating the life and business that you truly want.

Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action 

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It cost you nothing to talk to me to learn what’s possible for your life and your business.  However, you will walk about with a clear idea about how you can really attain what you want and stop settling for what you think that you can have

Wishing you love and abundance,

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