Everyday on Facebook I see at least one post in a group that says,  “I’m looking for 5 women to interview for my new program [or my business]” or “Which of these graphics do you like for my website?” 
The problem with asking random people questions about your business or program is that they’re probably NOT your ideal client.

Everyone has an opinion but when it comes to market research the ONLY opinions that matter are those of people who you want to attract as paying clients.

Here’s a better way to get more useful responses on Facebook:

“Are you a new mother aged 25-35 who’s having a tough time shedding your baby weight. If this is you, I’d love to ask 3-5 questions for a new program I’m putting together to show new moms how to lose weight without  special diets or hitting the gym.”

See the difference?

It’s important to be crystal clear about the specific person you want to interview. This means discussing the problem that they have and the type of “solution” you’re offering. The people who raise their hand to talk to you will be able to provide you with valuable information for your program or service.

In order to attract and enroll paying clients, you have to create marketing and programs that are tailor-made for them. You can to speak in their language about the things that THEY care about and want to achieve

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Where do your ideal clients shop for food?

by Yvonne Bynoe on December 14, 2015


Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? Costco? Local store? Eat out?

If you don’t know, it may be why you’re having trouble finding clients for your coaching programs.

A key factor to finding and enrolling clients is understanding them as people.

How do they see themselves in the world?
What do they spend their money on?
Where do they get their information?It’s not enough to know the bare bone facts like they’re women or that they have kids or are married

It’s REALLY important that you know how solving their major problem, whether it involves their finances, health or relationships improves their overall life and supports  their values.  When you don’t do this you may have a great program, but you’ll have a difficult time enrolling paying clients.

For instance, if you’re a health who’s targeting busy professional women, they may be more interested in learning how to eat healthy on-the-go than in how to cook healthy meals at home—what you’re currently offering.

The more you know about your ideal client the easier it is for you to create
coaching programs that THEY value and invest in.  It’s also makes it easier for
you to know where they hangout online and offline.

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